Elegance and Grace

Vogue 1948

Vogue 1953

Vogue 1960

This video clip is so stunning I had to share. 
If you enjoy fashion from yesteryear.... 

You Tube: Rose Bud Garden

The Perfect Escape @ Toast

I needed a little escape today
and found it at Toast

It was the perfect escape...just for a little while.
Toast opened a store near us and I was in heaven.

I looked longingly at this beautiful 
Amina suede coat in cognac.
It felt sublime ;)

I adored the violet/navy tones in this Manjula coat. 
The perfect blue.

I loved the thought of throwing this Elodie smock dress
over a pair of jeans with a jacket and a scarf.
(see above)

I had some serious thoughts about what it would 
be like to pop these Demeter II ankle boots 
on and off at my front door.


I couldn't resist this, the linen Naima twill 
waistcoat just for me and I love it :)

It was a lovely escape....

All of the above can be found at Toast here.

images via Toast

Admiring: Vanessa Redgrave

I was in London yesterday and happened upon Chris Beetles Gallery. He has a wonderful collection of Eve Arnold's photographs and amongst them was the one above of Vanessa Redgrave with her daughters Joely and Natasha in London in 1966. When I saw the image I knew I had to write about her.

I had to think back to what I remembered about Vanessa Redgrave, the person, all those years ago. I knew her as an accomplished English actress with a bit of a 'rebel streak' in her. I remember her relationship with Timothy Dalton and I knew she was one of many in a talented acting family. Being the mother of the beautiful Natasha and Joely was one of her finest accomplishments.

Her stage and film presence is admirable having appeared in more than 35 stage appearances in both London and New York. She has both a Tony and Olivier Award to her credit. This combined with her starring role in over 80 films shows just how talented she truly is. One of the greatest living actresses of our times? Without a doubt. She has won an Oscar, Emmy, Tony, Cannes, Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award. In 2010 she was the recipient of BAFTA Fellowship "in recognition of an outstanding and exceptional contribution to film."

Ms. Redgrave, as she is referred to in a recent New York Times article, rarely gives interviews. She is currently appearing in "Driving Miss Daisy" on Broadway in New York with another acting 'great', James Earl Jones. She agreed to an interview if Mr. Jones was able to join her.

The interviewer, Patrick Healy, gently prodded her on a number of topics including the deaths of her daughter, sister and brother. A thought that still makes my heart break. In true Vanessa Redgrave fashion, she replied, "that's my business" and surely it is.

I will say this about Vanessa Redgrave, she is a wonderful actress and admirable woman. I am sure her close friends and family would say the same. To me, it is the warmth in her eyes and smile that draw me to her. There is a fragility to her that is endearing and a strength that is commanding. She is a pleasure to watch.

I enjoyed reading Mr. Healy's interview and even more so with the concluding sentence by Ms. Redgrave. When asked about her role in "Driving Miss Daisy" she remarked "It's about getting my arms around a character who is a stranger to me. It has taken me back to an earlier time, and that makes me happy. Now that's purely personal. What can that mean to anybody? Nothing. Only to me. But that is how I feel."

For those of us who admire her, it means everything :)

Mother and Daughters...

A woman to watch....

In my mind, this last image is the essence of Vanessa Redgrave.
A woman to admire.


Hobbs Black Corsham Coat

Yesterday was one of those days where I walked in to a shop with one coat on
and came out wearing another. It was drizzling in London and chillier than I 
expected. I have been on the lookout for a 'Barbour' type coat. 
I love Barbour but they do not seem to suit me.  I need that extra bit of length 
and I want it to be light yet warm and easy to move in. 

I picked up the black Hobbs Corsham Coat in"padded tipped taffeta 
with a neat collar and epaulette detailing". 
The price was right and voila!  
Tick that one off my list...

Next on my list are shoes for those long days out and about.
Thinking brogues.... any suggestions dear readers?

Putting your best face forward...

I am curious to know what you think about makeup.
My thinking is that a fresh face is the best face. 
Mastering the art of applying makeup in these years of my life 
intrigues me, yet escapes me. 

Here are a few that I put in the fresh face category.
They all have the less is more approach to makeup and it looks great.

Actress, Jessica Biel

Actress, Eva Mendes

Actress, Julianne Moore

Actress, Cate Blanchett

Actress, Sharon Stone

Actress, Dame Helen Mirren

Now...wouldn't life be wonderful if it were all this easy! I have been doing the walk and doing the talk around makeup counters for years. Thru our 20's and 30's it is fairly straightforward. Women in this age group can identify with the brand models and the beauticians behind the counter. They are all roughly the same age. They are talking the same language.

I think with good skin you can even sail thru most of your 40's with ease. This is assuming that you have taken good care of your skin from the get go. 

Tell me, what happens when you hit your 50's and beyond? Did I miss something? I wander makeup aisles these days and feel lost.  I don't think the 20 something's understand my need to diminish fine lines and all the other lovelies that come with age.   When I explain to them my need for something different they look at me like I just landed from another planet. If I could wave a magic wand and add 20 years to them I would. Maybe then they would understand.

I have taken to scanning makeup counters for someone who looks around my age, has makeup that is tastefully done and could be my best makeup friend. If she could show me what I need to know, how to apply it and get the most out of it for my age, I would be her best customer. I am an easy sell when it comes to makeup but not to the young women I have come across lately.

Maybe the solution is out there and I have missed it. If you have any hot tips for me I would love to hear them.  My makeup brands are Bobbie Brown, Laura Mercier and Jane Iredale.  The women behind these brands are smart and savvy women...surely they should have a solution. There is an opportunity here...when will someone see it??

How about you? 
Are you getting the most from your makeup experience ?

Beauty tips for women in 40's and beyond...

Images: 12345678

Finding Basia...again

This is for those of you closer to my age who
have listened to Basia over the years.

When I saw these I knew I had to post them here.
I am trying to figure out when they were made...any guesses?

Twenty years on and I still listen to her music.
Great voice and a lot of style.

A little weekend music for you and a trip down memory lane :)
Have a good one!

Keeping it simple...

I like the KISS method when it comes to clothes....
I just wish I could do it!

I like to keep it simple.
Navy and white.
Mix and match.
One stop shopping. 

Now all I need is a place to go :)

KISS: keep it simple stupid :)

My reading glasses and a good cry...

Billi Tortoise Shell

I am posting about my new fab reading glasses because I truly love them. I have joined the legions of men and women who are resigned to having a pair or two or three laying about. We all inevitably lose one or all three. I have great confidence in my new glasses to stay put. They are big enough to capture all in front of me and slide on top of my head when not in use. They bring back fond memories and I am so thankful that the shape is back 'in'.  

I have been collecting  truly wild and colourful reading glasses so I can easily find them around the house. This has not been the best strategy. I recently found myself in a restaurant in London searching desperately for a pair so I could read the minuscule print they put on menus these days. Everyone around me was looking so elegant and all I had was my bright blue, nearly neon reading glasses...and yes, I had to do it.  My face blushed to a shade of pink to match the hue of the glasses as I looked up at the waiter to place my order and from that moment I vowed to find a respectable pair of reading glasses.  I am now thinking about these too. One for conservative moments and others for those times when I want to take a walk on the wild side... all from Good Lookers.
Richmond Tortoise  and Bliss Green Paisley

A parting thought......

My new glasses remind me of Diane Keaton and
the glasses she wore in the movie, Somethings Gotta Give. In fact,
this is sort of how I feel about having to wear reading glasses...

images via Good Lookers and You Tube

Mulberry on my mind...

The 'Tillie' Tote

The 'Alexa' bag

I promised myself I would not go near the computer today.
I really really tried but I find it hard to resist
posts from the lovely Louise @ Lou, Boos and Shoes
and when she mentioned Mulberry I knew I had to read
just a little bit longer. Which of course lead to this..just a few pics.
I am really loving the new Tille Tote bag at the top.
Makes me wish I was a University student all over again :)
Thanks Lou!
Best wishes for a great weekend to one and all!!

Fun clip about the Mulberry New Bond Street store in London,


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