Vogue, Street Chic, Denim and Livia Firth

A quick browse thru Vogue UK 
and a few questions for you.

A softened version of Victoria Beckham 
for this months Vogue cover,
what do you think? 
Does it work?

From the 'Street Chic' Gallery at Vogue UK.
The model here has taken a vintage coat from the Thirties,
and added shoes entirely from leaves. She says her style is 
about embracing your womanly powers.
I think it works!
Isadora Tanner photographed by Candice Lake

They say denim will rule seven 
days a week this Spring/Summer 2011.
That makes my life a lot easier :)

Did you know that Livia Firth...lucky
woman that she is, Mrs. Colin Firth,
has her own blog?

images~Vogue UK


  1. Actually, Jeanne....I think YOU are the one that has style!!!!

  2. I think Victoria looks stunning...I love her with longer hair. Oh, and to be Mrs. Firth!


  3. Jeanne - hmmm VB - I am not sure. She is exactly my age (I think she is one month older!) and so I have always followed her with interest. We also got married the same year. I think she looks softer now and though I think she has been brave with the elfin cuts, she looks better with long hair.

    What else? Mrs Firth, I will check out her blog for sure.

    I am going a giveaway week as you know, so come see the yummy handbag on offer today! It's handmade in London... Lou x

  4. Sorry Jeanne, soft, hard, VB drives me up the wall. I know her clothes designs are wonderful, but the woman strikes me as thick as a brick...oops...did I really say that out loud!



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