The 'Boyfriend' Shirt

I had an 80's throwback moment today.
I found the perfect silk 'boyfriend' shirt.
Just like the one I purchased all those 
years ago and could never let go of. 
I love moments like this :)
It is a midnight blue matt silk 'boyfriend' blouse by Equipment.
Flap pockets, curved hem and a pleat at the back.
I saw it last month and have been thinking about it ever since.
It is a bit more than I wanted to spend but I somehow managed 
a million rationalisations while I was in the dressing room.

You can dress it up, dress it down, wear it out, wear it in.
It can be worn all year round and  it goes with this and it goes with that. 
Best of all, it goes with jeans. Just throw
a cashmere sweater over this baby and it doesn't matter
how old you is going to feel and look fab.

Now all I need to do is pick up another colour :)

Carine Roitfeld's (last image) husband created 
the label in the 80's and is relaunching the brand and the blouse.



  1. THE best kind of shirt!!! So versatile!

  2. Ooooh...I am so looking for one of these this weekend!
    Had forgotten how much I loved this item for my wardrobe.



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