Talking about age and the SAG Awards

Just a few photos that I could not resist.
Being one of  the new 30, 
(see True Confessions on sidebar)
I can't help following others..

 These were taken at the
SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards 
on January 30 2011

Tops in my books...

Christine Baranski 
59 yrs

Anette Benning 
53 yrs

and a few 40 somethings....

 Edie Falco
48 yrs

Mariska Hargitay
47 yrs

Helena Bonham Carter- 
46 yrs

 Julianna Margulies
45 yrs

Ah, the joys of Hollywood!
Who do you think carries it off best?
It is a tough choice!

I guess I should get to the purpose of the evening....
The winners of the SAG Awards

Best Picture: The Kings Speech
Best Male Actor: Colin Firth
Best Female Actor: Natalie Portman
Best Male Supporting: Christian Bale
Best Female Supporting: Melissa Leo

Images here


  1. I must confess to a bit of a girl (ok mature woman) crush on Annette Benning. Doesn't she look fab!

  2. Same Kerry...she looked great at the Golden Globes too...she is her own woman...I love that about her :)

  3. My favs were Mariska's that blue! ...then Annette's, the dress is gorgeous but look at her, she is just radiant! The other were gorgeous too so I agree with your pics!

  4. Wow! Mariska is so beautiful.Simply perfect.

  5. They all look wonderful!
    I'm wild about Annette!
    Living in Hollywood, married to Warren Beatty and she still has her original face!! Bravo!



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