American Icon: Lauren Hutton

American Icon...Lauren Hutton
I only wish I could look half this good
at her age...67 and going still going strong!
A woman after my own heart, 
a few of her style picks at J. Crew... 
jeans and cashmere :)

images above via J. Crew


  1. Lauren's iconic style is timeless...I think I said that about Jackie O too...but it's true! Just like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and a few more that I can think of.
    Just love those striped flats!!!

  2. She is so pretty and has the most expressive eyes. Love her hair, too. I wish I could fit in a pair of those skinny jeans. Wouldn't they be fabulous with boots?


  3. Hi Jeanne...Lauren Hutton is just beautiful isn't she? I remember her being pointed out to me as a child because she had an imperfection; the front teeth! I think I was having braces fitted at the time and my Mum was trying to soften the blow! I love the clothes choices here - classic but not dowdy. Lou xx

  4. Love the gap between her front teeth...said to symbolize a generous nature.

    My eldest chipped a front tooth in University. While the dentist was fixing it, he closed her gap...without asking, thought he was doing her a favour. She misses that do I.

  5. Thanks for adding yourself as a follower of my blog, I have done the same to yours. Hope to see you stop by again soon x

  6. Oh, I love her style. I like it when she does the J Crew ads. I think she's done Gap ones, too, in the past. Both favorite brands of mine.



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