Diane Keaton...a memoir

I have to give Mr. H a 'high five' for this Christmas gift. I asked for the audio book version of Diane
Keaton's memoir and I am not disappointed. Diane reads the book adding her usual charm to every
word. I just started but am already finding myself driving along, circling an extra block or two to carry on. Besides being one of my all time favourite actresses, she is a family woman with a whole lot of style, I like that. :)

You can read and listen to Diane talk about it at Random House

Photographed by Annie Leibovitz ( Vogue) and looking fab at 60!

The charming Pippa Small...

I am not sure which is more charming, Pippa Small or her jewellery..I guess I have to say both. I read an article about Pippa recently and have added her shop onto my list of 'must do's' when I am next in Notting Hill. A clever woman, she has combined her anthropology background with her passion for jewellery design and made an impressive business of it. 

About earrings, she says... "earrings bring light and fire to the eyes - we have used all the stones we source from the glittering dark mysterious hematite to the flowery pink tourmaline's and rhodacrosites to the iridescent stunning paua and softer gentler Mexican oyster."

She got me on light and fire...all her pieces are exquisite. 
They make me want to travel the world. :)

You can visit Pippa HERE.

via Luxist

Ye Olde English Country Weekend

It is hard for me to resist a cape...and when there are three gorgeous Springer Spaniels along with that cape...well, I just have to stop and admire. Actually, I am glad I am not the one holding on to that
leash... I remember well, those puppy days and those three are chomping at the bit to go for a run!

All these images say English country weekend to me along with a flashback to the 70's.
Once upon a time...I am sure I had a floppy hat just like the one below. 

All of the above were featured in this month's issue of Women and Home (UK).
For those of you who can flashback to the days of Twiggy...here she is..
looking pretty fabulous at 62.

Images from Women and Home Magazine, January 2012

Swagger and Dash @ Devotion

Meet Carolyn Cowan...mother, clothes designer, portraitist, yoga teacher and body painter. I first discovered the clothes designer side to Carolyn at a local Country Fair. Her clothing line was featured and I was absolutely mesmerised by the colours and textures of her fabrics and the ways in which she designed them. Carolyn thinks outside the box...I love that way of thinking. Since then I stop by her website regularly to see what she is creating. I vowed to pick up at least one item before moving on from England...the problem is...I can never decide. I have been thinking about opera coats
lately...reviving something from the past. My first thought went to Carolyn... she just has that way about her that tells me she would understand....

If you are intrigued as I have been...you can visit her online shopping site, 
The Devotion Emporium, HERE and learn more about the woman 
behind the brand, HERE.

images via
 The Devotion Emporium

Mad about Fuschia and Naeem Khan

Harpers Bazaar says this coat by Naeem Khan is fabulous at any age. 
It's dreamy and I love it. At a price tag of $12,320US...it is a wee bit out
of my price range but I can still imagine the adventures we would have!

How about you...would you slip into this coat?
If so, where would you wear it?

A plaidish moment...

Still thinking red...in plaid.
Every Christmas I go back and look at this photo. I just
love the coat and boots...it is one of those, if I could, I would
kind of looks. I found the image @ Where The Sidewalk Begins
Sarah Jane has much more to inspire. Definitely worth a look see.

The Ladies in Red

It doesn't matter the age, the era, the woman...
when red works, it works.

Grace Kelly source

 Gene Tierney source

Suzy Parker source

Heidi Klum source

Carmen Dell'Orefice source

 Alessandra Rich


Do you have a favourite?
 Carmen's dress is mine. :)

Thinking about red over here too.....

Style Icon: Loulou de la Falaise

I have been reading all week about the passing of Loulou de la Falaise and wondered who she was. Yes, I am admitting to those of you who are in the know, that I am not. :) Bohemian, renaissance-loving designer and former muse to Yves Saint Laurent....I found everything I needed to know @ The Arbuturian. I wish you luck when you get to the site, you will find it hard to leave. It is filled with pages and pages of wonderful articles. Enjoy!

image @ The Arbuturian

You will find a fabulous post about Loulou de la Faliase written by Dash @ the French Sampler here.
It is filled with wonderful photos and Dash's attention to detail. She always gets it right.

Thinking Red with L.K. Bennett

One minute she is talking about hiking boots (here) and the next minute she is talking about red satin slingbacks. Welcome to my world. I have a Ball in Australia next month and I want to create a look, simply. I am not one for the Ball circuit so whatever I end up with, I want it to work for other occasions.
I may be a bit off topic with these shoes but I have to say I quite fancy them. :)

The brand: L.K. Bennett
The shoe: Moulton Slingback
The detail: Satin ruffle, Diamante sparkle
Inspired by: The platinum and diamond jewelry of the 1920's
My thinking: Judy Garland of The Wizard of Oz fame... 'there is no place like home'
Would I buy them?: Absolutely
What would I wear them with?: I have no idea, any suggestions?

Read all about them @ L.K. Bennett

Taking to the Hills with Brasher Boots

I am not a natural outdoors woman but I love it all the same. If you are going to do the extra miles,
take to the hills, maybe the mountains, then footwear is all important. I have my fair share of hiking
boots and have spent a small fortune getting it right. When I saw these boots by the UK brand,
Brasher, I couldn't help but take a peek. The one that caught my eye was the Hillmaster GTX®,
shown here. Can I say, that for hillwalking..they look pretty smart. GORE-TEX® lined for
waterproof comfort, full leather lining, Nubuck cuff and lightweight...they would take some
wearing in to soften up but I wouldn't mind. Does a woman need two pairs of hiking boots? hmmmmm.....

You can find the product details and image here.

Creating your own style with Jolier

The Transformable...

 The Reversible...

The All-in-One..

I have a closet full of tops that can do this and that. I love transformable clothes! I admit it takes some time to get it right but that is half the fun for me. In my Sunday paper this morning....Jolier  fashion and the woman behind the brand, Sveta Planman. A young and talented award winning designer based in Helsinki... she has come up with the transformable, reversible and all in one multi-fitting garments. I like this woman's style. If only I could get a few extra inches on the shorter version, I think my life would be made. What a great travel dress!

images via Jolier

Style Notes: It's a Wrap

Over the years, I have collected wraps of various colours, textures and sizes. Fashionable or not, I find them easy to wear and great when you need to dress up or dress down. A brooch, a scarf or something of your own making..the possibilities are endless. I am sharing this passion of mine through a little 'Shop Around the Corner' that I recently created for my blogs. I have been slowly building a selection of my favourite things with the hopes that others might enjoy the same. There are no gimmicks...it is just another place to share my story.

I love the wrap shown above...it is an Alpaca wool blend shawl showcasing the art of Peru. I imagine wearing it around a beach bonfire on a cool autumn evening...to the first burst of snowflakes whilst running from shop to shop in the Christmas rush. Intrigued? You will find this wrap and more by clicking here

French Sole-India

Style: India

I am not sure which I love more....the description or the shoe.

Ponyhair India in Leopard. Suits a narrow to medium width fitting and has an elegant low vamp,
 which reveals a little toe cleavage, and has a quarer inch heel. An elegant and durable 
well-balanced ballet flat wardrobe essential.

Sounds and looks perfect to me!
From French Sole, here.

Image here.

The Classic Trench

This trench coat trends under the 2010 Michael Kors collection
but no matter...it is one of those timeless ensembles that could be
worn any time. Call me old fashioned, but I love that classic style. 
The whole look works for me. :)

Vintage Scarf Love

I just love poking around vintage shops.
You never know what you will find.
Sometimes I think it is more the thrill of the
chase than the actual item.
 I couldn't pass this one up, it was a bargain.
Holland and Holland...it had to be mine.
 Scarf love.


My 'Change of Life' Kurta

I was standing in the crowds last week in India and quickly snapped a photo 
of this woman as she passed. I had placed an order for the two of the same style top 
the day before. I call them my 'change of life' tops. My first thought when I slipped 
into one was 'where have you been all my life?' They are breezy, light, 
easy and fun to wear. A perfect travel companion.

 It is styled after a 'kurta', a type of men's pajama from India.
I like to think of it as a kaftan.
Sometimes you just have to go with what feels right.
At this stage in my life...this is perfect. 


Kate, Cameron and Gwyneth

I just picked up the latest issue of Harpers Bazaar UK.
Is it me?
Have we lost Kate Winslet in this photo?
I can see a glimmer but I have to say
I prefer the real Kate...
Come back Kate!

Nice one ladies...
Gwyneth and Cameron, keeping it real.

Perhaps it is just me,
what do you think?

Images via Harpers Bazaar UK

Admiring: Jill Clayburgh

Jill Clayburgh was one of my favourite 70's actresses. 
I loved her style.
Some of you may remember her in the 1978 film, 
 'An Unmarried Woman' with Alan Bates.
If it is new to you, I highly recommend it.

Jill Clayburgh and Diane Keaton were 'the' women to watch back then.
Through the years, I looked for Jill. She appeared in a few
movies but chose to step off screen and spend time 
with her family. In her later years, she performed on Broadway 
and had guest appeared in US television shows.
 Jill passed away in 2010 at the young age of 66.
A woman to admire and remember.
Jill Clayburgh

More on Jill Clayburgh here.

Image: source unknown

Effortlessly Elegant Silhouette....

Donna Karan
Draped jersey and satin-jersey top
Details here.

'Detailed with sleek satin-jersey inserts, Donna Karan's cowl-neck top is a glamorous way to work the label's signature draping. Pair this pale-olive style with a floor sweeping maxi skirt for an effortlessly elegant silhouette.'


I don't think I can add to that except that I love the look. 

Wild Wellies

If you are coming here via Collage of Life, you will know that I spotted 
these wonderful boots at Petersham Nurseries in Richmond, Surrey (UK).

They were designed by the Scandinavian beauty, Ilse Jacobsen- Hornbaek.
I added the boots to my very long list of Boot Love.

Those of you who read Finding my Way... in England will know 
that I have been hot to trot for a pair of  Le Chameau boots
but alas I have not found one one that does it all... yet.
I think another trip to France is in order. :)

My new boots are 100% natural rubber, have a
warm and comfortable cotton fleece lining
and are most importantly are easy to walk in.
The word is that they are 'ideal for outdoor activities,
rainy or snowy days in both urban and suburban settings.'

 As much as I love my boots, my daughters were a bit surprised.
They said they seemed 'a bit wild' for me. I loved that!
I was prepared....

I bought laces in black, cream and red.
If I am going to be wild, I might as well do it in style!

While we are talking style. One daughter
prefers the black laces, the other the cream
and I secretly covet the red.

Which do you prefer?

top two images via Isle Jacobsen-Hornbaek
bottom two images via me


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