Enduring Style: Katharine Hepburn

When it comes to 'working the shirt'
I don't think anyone could do it
better than Katharine Hepburn.

She holds a special place in my memory book.
My father adored her, we used to love watching
her films over the holidays. She was a 'Bryn Mawr' girl, 
something he always hoped for me. 

My path went in a different direction
but my fascination with 'Kate' has never faded.

She had 'gumption' and style and I loved that about her.

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Black and White @ Net-a-Porter

Even though Mr. H and I are in for New Year's I still like to look.
I just had a quick flick thru the Net-a-Porter website,
as you do when you are suppose to be
doing a million other things.

I couldn't help thinking now much I love this bolero
by Valentino.  I don't think they have done it justice in the photo.
In needs a bit of bling...or maybe lots of it.
I think I could rationalise this one because it has a timeless appeal.
It would make going sleeveless bearable :)

Winter white by Alberta Ferretti...I love this!
Reminds me of screen sirens of yesteryear.

Thinking Sharon Stone again. 
This Richard Nicoll belted wool maxi skirt
looks like it could run the distance.
 Lots of possibilities with this one.

Happy shopping 
or as in my case, dreaming:)

images via Net-a-Porter

Scarf Love

I sort of feel about this scarf
the same way the Charlie Brown
character, Linus, feels about his blanket.
It goes everywhere with me.
A little bit of tartan at Christmas..a little bit of love.
It keeps me warm, it keeps me merry.

I know...it is a random thought to share,
but I feel compelled :)

Back to fashion...
I love this look 
but I am not sure I could pull it off.
I wouldn't mind the boots though!

How about you..
what is your tartan barometer these days?


Enduring Style: Jackie Kennedy Onassis

It is so easy to look at images of Jackie Kennedy Onassis.
This is the Jackie I remember.
She was beautiful, stylish and knew what she liked.
I love that although many of these photos 
were taken in the 70's, 80's and the last in 1993, 
her style still stands the test of time.
Enduring style.

1969- Jackie's 40th birthday celebration.


Jackie passed away 
 in 1994 at the age of 65.

A moving tribute to Jackie here

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