Sharon Stone and 'the white shirt'

My hat will always go off to Sharon Stone and her attempts to do her own things all those Oscar nights ago. Thank you to those of you who commented on my 'In my Closet' post. I am loving all the suggestions and I can see we are all on the same page and most likely of the same age. 

The mention of Sharon in her famous white Gap shirt had me running to Google search.
How could I have forgotten the flurry of comments around that ensemble?
Here she 1998 with her Gap men's shirt and a lavender Vera Wang skirt.

By that point she was no stranger to the Gap theme.
In 1996 Sharon paired Armani and Valentino with a Gap mock turtleneck.

Oscar dresses come and go but there is something about her classic outfits that is beautifully enduring. Both would look just as lovely today as they did back then...of course, diamonds help too!

 Sharon being Sharon, still looks great all these years later.
Here she is at the 2009 Oscars...with her diamonds.

images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


  1. Oh, my! I am going to love this blog...I somehow just stumbled onto you! That whole Sharon Stone thing is a look I've loved and lived by for years! I turned 50 this year and have been in fashion all my life, and find that simple classics are the best for me. I like to spice them up a bit with wonderful statement vintage jewels, however!
    Looking so forward to what's next here!
    --Lee Ann

  2. THX for sharing

  3. The white shirt and the satin skirt is just as beautiful then as it is now. Classic, enduring style.



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