They are back...finally!

I often kick myself when I think of all the
sunglasses I have tossed over the years. If I
just held onto all those cool ones from the 80's ...
It seems like I have been waiting forever for
a rounder frame and it is here.

Just figures that the one I love is the men's version.
They have it so easy....
No matter, 
I bought it anyways.
When you are onto a good thing 
you just gotta go with it!

I picked them up at Selfridges.

POSTSCRIPT...found this image.
So happy to see that I was not the only one
who liked this look :


  1. A ha - I couldn't resist!! Your observations on style are right up my street! I will stick around in case this blog in the Jeanne empire grows into one I will love as much as Collage of Life! Lou xx

  2. Ah ha Jeanne found you by accident - another fab blog one that I shall folllow avidly!



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