In my closet...a skirting dilemma

In my closet...I have a long skirt...sort of 1950's tea length skirt that I love. It was love at first sight on a cold rainy day on Pimlico Road in London last year. I found it at Moloh. It is for the English country horsey set (in my own words) and everything there is is smart and elegant. The skirt was paired with a very proper dress shirt and waistcoat which really wasn't me...but I loved the skirt.

I have found several tops for different occasions but not the one that says 'wow'. I need a 'wow' and I need help. The skirt wraps around, hangs nicely until the end when it poofs...I can tame it to a low poof or go wild. I can't tell you how much fun that is. It makes me want to twirl to my heart's content. I call it my Grace Kelly skirt although it is not as full as the one below :)

Ok, back to the top for the skirt. The occasion will be black tie. I am looking for something simple so I can add a little bling. I tried black but it did not do much for me...wondering about white.

Any thoughts, whatsoever, would be most appreciated!

Many thanks :))


  1. I love a sartorial challenge Jeanne! Skirts are hard aren't they? I can see why you fell for this one though; the colour, the fabric! It reminds me of that Sharon Stone outfit for the Oscars one year where she wore a full skirt and a white shirt from Gap (in defiance of the designers on offer!) I think you have to go very simple and let the skirt do the talking! Black cashmere fitted top, white shirt belted; something understated and simple. Lovely. Lou xx

  2. I adore the skirt Jeanne and think maybe that you should have quite a different texture on the top perhaps a beautiful dove grey velvet fitted jacket with a little hint of lace peeping out at the cleavage or to make it look part of the riding set and really clinched in riding jacket and riding boots!

  3. Well Lou and Gillie, I have to say I am blown away by these suggestions! We are thinking along the same lines here as I love them all. I feel like a whole new woman already! Now where to shop?? Back to Sloane?
    Thanks so much!!!

  4. Hmmmmm, lovely blog Jeanne ! Now, I would say a fairly fitted top maybe with a wrap around front silvery colour... or even a Wolford body suit perhaps? Gorgeous skirt!! X

  5. Sarah...I love that you always give me something new to look for. Wolford body suit to me but it sounds very intriguing. I like your idea for the wrap too. I would say you, Lou and Gille are on the same page on this one!
    Phew :) Many thanks!!

  6. One more vote for a white shirt. I am seeing 3/4 length sleeves with a turned up cuff and a collar turned up in the back.

    And now I am seeing something - still white - in organza with a portrait collar.

    But I do like the dove grey jacket, perhaps with a fancy chemise. Let us see what you end up wearing. Sounds like fun.

  7. Hi Jeanne...I am coming along for the ride on your new blog! LOL....where do you find the time for everything you do????

  8. Like LouBoo, I too remember, Sharon Stone wearing a simple white T-shirt with a beautiful taffeta tea-length skirt. The contrast was stunning, elegant and modern. You would just have to find the right could be very controversial!



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