Gorsuch and Warm Thoughts

I was standing on a football field yesterday watching my son 
play soccer and freezing my you know what off.
I kept thinking about a post I wrote last year 
featuring clothes from Gorsuch. I thought if I had 
any of the items below I would be nice and toasty. 
I was living my inner fantasy and keeping warm 
just thinking about them.

Ok, you may spot me coming from a mile 
away with this hat...but it would be nice :)

A little off track but a weakness for capes
 has kept my closet very full for the past 10 years.
These would work...

Ah yes, the boot. Now this is a tricky one.
So many gorgeous boots but which boot will
keep my feet nice and warm? I think
this will need further investigation.

The wild and wooly foxy boot?

There is always the UGG boot, 
but I can never find a style that I really like.

Skandia goat fur?

 and then there are these...
which suit the inner me.
Not sure about the warmth though.

There you have it...
warm thoughts on this freezing cold day.
How about you? 
What keeps you warm on a cold cold day?

1 comment:

  1. I couldn`t make a decision...all of your images looking cozy, warm and comfortable, especially the hat!I need some rustic boots, which keeps my feet warm and saves me from slippery snowbottom (as it did yesterday!)My souvenir were 2 large bruises (on a place, where I use to sit.....oh my!)
    Beate :) XX



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