French-cuff Dress Shirt

A few years ago I started a fashion inspiration file.
I refer to it when I am stuck. It happens often :)
 I clear things out regularly but this one 
has always been a keeper. It is from Lands End.
Not sure why I am always surprised when I read that.
French cuffs or not, I love the image, the 
colour and simplicity of the shirt.
It could also be that she looks great in the shirt
 and I love those earrings :)


  1. Ooh, Jeanne, catch me while I swoon! A classic, for sure. I'm such a sucker for French cuffs. J x

  2. Oooh yessss!So nice and pure style. If quality, texture and colour comes together in a perfect way, women look like a the earrings,too! :)

    Jeanne, I was so laughing about your sentence, where you wrapped your scarf around yourself until you got lost...
    well, as long as you find your way back and out...everything is fine!:D
    And as long as your family find you in that scarf....!Ì`m still laughing.
    This line made my evening! Just imagened what it must look like.:))

    Unfortunately, I can`t wear hats, always looks like a flower pot on me. My head seems not to be concepted for these useful, wooly things.

    Oh yes, some more lovely followers or interested women found their way to my little world.My virtually responses are crossing a lot of water between me and the places, where all this nice women live!:)
    Have a funny evening, too. Beate XX



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