Enduring Style: Diane von Furstenberg

I remember it clearly, the day my mother came home with her first Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress. I am pretty sure it was just like the one above. It was 'cool', as I would have said back then. It was in the 70's and the dress magically transformed her from everyday housewife in the suburbs with six kids to a sophisticated woman of the world. My Father said she looked very 'chic'. That sealed the deal, she was a new woman.  I could tell she felt differently too. The power of a dress. Funny that.

This all came to mind while reading an article in the Huffington Post. 
'Life After 50: What Can Diane von Furstenberg Teach Us About Starting Over'

Diane von Furstenberg has had an interesting life. By the age of 28 she
had created the famous wrap dress, was a successful businesswoman, style icon and was pretty much living the American dream. Things changed. By the time she was in her 40s she had given up control of her company, moved to a house in Connecticut and lived a quiet life.  By 50 she was ready to go again. She bought back the company, remarried and reinvented herself

Barbara Hannah Gufferman met with Diane not to long ago. She mentions that
Diane believes women are their best, most confident and sexiest after 50
I like that thought :)
What impresses me most about Diane are her thoughts on being a woman today.
The article is worth reading (here). 
Be Comfortable, wear clothes that feel good and make you look better.
Be Confident, self confidence makes us more beautiful as we age.
Be the Priority, be your best friend and take good care of you.
Be Compassionate,  engage in activities to create a more compassionate world.
Be You, "if you are healthy and comfortable and feeling good about yourself, 
then you'll give of an aura of confidence, sexiness, and power"
Bottom line: 
Forget rules and just feel good about you.
I like the way this woman thinks :)
Major cool!

Diane's attitude shows in her recent collection.

Her enduring style carries on and we are lucky that it does!

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  1. Jeanne...how I wish these dresses suited me, but they don't. They just will not work, no matter how hard I try, on my figure. Now on my 30-something daughter...to die for.
    So, taking Diane's philosophy in hand...I will NOT being wearing her designs (sigh...).

  2. Lovely article about DVF! My middle daughter works for the Matches chain of shops and was lucky enough to meeet Diane recently (Matches have a DVF shop in Wimbledon Village)and she was bowled over by how simply lovely she was - charming, interested in their work and above all really good fun!

  3. Jacqueline..
    I hear you on the dress front. I bought one years ago and wasn't sure if it was for me for the same reasons. I was then given a few tips on how to wear it. Black suede boots, black stockings and a black long cardigan transformed the dress and I wore it everywhere. I felt chic, just like my Mother :)

    Gillie... Great to hear that about Diane. Sounds like a great role model for women. I was thinking about Matches the other day. Someone mentioned it as a good place to shop. Sounds like a shopping trip to Wimbledon Village is in order and if I remember correctly I spotted a shoe store that sells Dubarry boots :) I am still coveting those beauties. I have been told they now come in black. That thru me for a spin as I had just decided that the chocolate brown was the way to go. Decisions, decisions...

  4. Hello - I love her style...and I saw her on The City (guilty pleasure) and she was advising the young protagonist and her words of wisdom were spot on. Lou x

  5. Hi Lou..just checked out The City. I had never heard of it before. Little sisters can teach you the most interesting things!! Best way to stay young at heart :)

  6. LOVED this article. Thank you so much! DVF really is the epitome of ageless style, and I was truly very fortunate to have met with her, and got to write about it in my book.
    Your blogs are terrific, by the way.
    Let's keep in touch . . .

  7. Hi Jeanne, I used to wear wrap dresses in my younger days and am longing to try again...perhaps this is the impetus for shedding those extra kilos...a DVF dress! And I think she's right about the 50 thing!

  8. Hi Kerry..

    How about we each treat ourselves to a DVF dress when we shed the kilos we are aiming for?
    We can save while we lose weight :)
    At 50 we deserve these sort of things, don't you think??
    By the way, I have been thinking about those Kate Spade shoes you posted on Facebook today.
    I have a Ball coming up at ADFA next month and just bought a dress that needs shoes. I would
    never be that bold but I am feeling it now :))

  9. Barbara...thanks so much for your comment! It was great to hear from you. I have popped your book into my Amazon Christmas Shopping basket...can't wait :)

  10. I think you will love Matches - they have 2 Mens, a DVF, Max Mara, Spy and Womens in Wimbledon Village and branches in Notting Hill, Mayfair and Richmond and an excellent website and blog! As for the wonderful Durberry boots I think you must invest! I wear mine every day to walk the dog on the common and it is very very mudddy at the moment but my feet stay warm and dry whatever the weather!

  11. PS Jeanne if you visit Wimbledon Village try and pay a visit to Southside House which is situated on Wimbledon Common - I think you will be fascinated!



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