Croc Boots and a Shearling Jacket

Doing a little window shopping the other day at LK Bennett. 
I have been eyeing shoes like this for the last year.
I would be happy with any of them but the same 
question always comes to mind...where would I wear them?

Still, they are pretty and I think it would feel wonderful to own a pair or two.
How would you wear them?
With a skirt or pants?
I can never decide.

Hazel Clutch Bag
Wilda Shoe Boot (left)
Cancan Boot (right)

Noho Shoe Boot

While we are at it, I am doing a little coveting of this jacket too
and wouldn't mind a matching hat. Now, this I could find
lots of places to wear...even with jeans :)

Shear Shearling Jacket 

images via L.K. Bennett and me

1 comment:

  1. I remember having a pair of these (and loving them) when I was 15! Of course the late 60s demanded them worn with the mid-calf, black dress for the full-on austere mod-look of the day. Loved those 'granny' boots.



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