Black Yoga Pants

The Shaping Yoga Pant 

To me, life begins with black yoga pants. They just make my day. 
If I could fashion all my pants after yoga pants I would. 
They are comfortable, slimming and look good with everything. 
Just give me black yoga pants in a fabric that extends beyond the gym 
and I would be the happiest woman in the world...really!

The trick is in the top has to extend.
I picked up a pair by Elle Sport the 
other day. They are hang beautifully and are
made of a jersey material that lasts forever.
One of these days, I really should take up yoga :)

The image above is from Yummie Tummie
a website devoted to Shapewear. 
I imagine these are a lovely fit too.


  1. So Jeanne - I need to get some. I have embraced leggings and I have sweatpants but they are not like this! How can this have passed me by? I need, I want, I must have!! Lou xx

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