Enduring Style: Katharine Hepburn

When it comes to 'working the shirt'
I don't think anyone could do it
better than Katharine Hepburn.

She holds a special place in my memory book.
My father adored her, we used to love watching
her films over the holidays. She was a 'Bryn Mawr' girl, 
something he always hoped for me. 

My path went in a different direction
but my fascination with 'Kate' has never faded.

She had 'gumption' and style and I loved that about her.

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Black and White @ Net-a-Porter

Even though Mr. H and I are in for New Year's I still like to look.
I just had a quick flick thru the Net-a-Porter website,
as you do when you are suppose to be
doing a million other things.

I couldn't help thinking now much I love this bolero
by Valentino.  I don't think they have done it justice in the photo.
In needs a bit of bling...or maybe lots of it.
I think I could rationalise this one because it has a timeless appeal.
It would make going sleeveless bearable :)

Winter white by Alberta Ferretti...I love this!
Reminds me of screen sirens of yesteryear.

Thinking Sharon Stone again. 
This Richard Nicoll belted wool maxi skirt
looks like it could run the distance.
 Lots of possibilities with this one.

Happy shopping 
or as in my case, dreaming:)

images via Net-a-Porter

Scarf Love

I sort of feel about this scarf
the same way the Charlie Brown
character, Linus, feels about his blanket.
It goes everywhere with me.
A little bit of tartan at Christmas..a little bit of love.
It keeps me warm, it keeps me merry.

I know...it is a random thought to share,
but I feel compelled :)

Back to fashion...
I love this look 
but I am not sure I could pull it off.
I wouldn't mind the boots though!

How about you..
what is your tartan barometer these days?


Enduring Style: Jackie Kennedy Onassis

It is so easy to look at images of Jackie Kennedy Onassis.
This is the Jackie I remember.
She was beautiful, stylish and knew what she liked.
I love that although many of these photos 
were taken in the 70's, 80's and the last in 1993, 
her style still stands the test of time.
Enduring style.

1969- Jackie's 40th birthday celebration.


Jackie passed away 
 in 1994 at the age of 65.

A moving tribute to Jackie here

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Gorsuch and Warm Thoughts

I was standing on a football field yesterday watching my son 
play soccer and freezing my you know what off.
I kept thinking about a post I wrote last year 
featuring clothes from Gorsuch. I thought if I had 
any of the items below I would be nice and toasty. 
I was living my inner fantasy and keeping warm 
just thinking about them.

Ok, you may spot me coming from a mile 
away with this hat...but it would be nice :)

A little off track but a weakness for capes
 has kept my closet very full for the past 10 years.
These would work...

Ah yes, the boot. Now this is a tricky one.
So many gorgeous boots but which boot will
keep my feet nice and warm? I think
this will need further investigation.

The wild and wooly foxy boot?

There is always the UGG boot, 
but I can never find a style that I really like.

Skandia goat fur?

 and then there are these...
which suit the inner me.
Not sure about the warmth though.

There you have it...
warm thoughts on this freezing cold day.
How about you? 
What keeps you warm on a cold cold day?

Black Yoga Pants

The Shaping Yoga Pant 

To me, life begins with black yoga pants. They just make my day. 
If I could fashion all my pants after yoga pants I would. 
They are comfortable, slimming and look good with everything. 
Just give me black yoga pants in a fabric that extends beyond the gym 
and I would be the happiest woman in the world...really!

The trick is in the top section...it has to extend.
I picked up a pair by Elle Sport the 
other day. They are hang beautifully and are
made of a jersey material that lasts forever.
One of these days, I really should take up yoga :)

The image above is from Yummie Tummie
a website devoted to Shapewear. 
I imagine these are a lovely fit too.

French-cuff Dress Shirt

A few years ago I started a fashion inspiration file.
I refer to it when I am stuck. It happens often :)
 I clear things out regularly but this one 
has always been a keeper. It is from Lands End.
Not sure why I am always surprised when I read that.
French cuffs or not, I love the image, the 
colour and simplicity of the shirt.
It could also be that she looks great in the shirt
 and I love those earrings :)

Michael Kors Cashmere

I think I just died and went to heaven. 
Cashmere turtleneck ponchos...
just imagine wrapping yourself 
in one of the Michael Kors beauties...
with your tootsies toasting by the fireside. 
Apres ski or for me just a good book by the hearth.
The only think that is missing is black.
Last season's poncho...darn!

Enduring Style: Diane von Furstenberg

I remember it clearly, the day my mother came home with her first Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress. I am pretty sure it was just like the one above. It was 'cool', as I would have said back then. It was in the 70's and the dress magically transformed her from everyday housewife in the suburbs with six kids to a sophisticated woman of the world. My Father said she looked very 'chic'. That sealed the deal, she was a new woman.  I could tell she felt differently too. The power of a dress. Funny that.

This all came to mind while reading an article in the Huffington Post. 
'Life After 50: What Can Diane von Furstenberg Teach Us About Starting Over'

Diane von Furstenberg has had an interesting life. By the age of 28 she
had created the famous wrap dress, was a successful businesswoman, style icon and was pretty much living the American dream. Things changed. By the time she was in her 40s she had given up control of her company, moved to a house in Connecticut and lived a quiet life.  By 50 she was ready to go again. She bought back the company, remarried and reinvented herself

Barbara Hannah Gufferman met with Diane not to long ago. She mentions that
Diane believes women are their best, most confident and sexiest after 50
I like that thought :)
What impresses me most about Diane are her thoughts on being a woman today.
The article is worth reading (here). 
Be Comfortable, wear clothes that feel good and make you look better.
Be Confident, self confidence makes us more beautiful as we age.
Be the Priority, be your best friend and take good care of you.
Be Compassionate,  engage in activities to create a more compassionate world.
Be You, "if you are healthy and comfortable and feeling good about yourself, 
then you'll give of an aura of confidence, sexiness, and power"
Bottom line: 
Forget rules and just feel good about you.
I like the way this woman thinks :)
Major cool!

Diane's attitude shows in her recent collection.

Her enduring style carries on and we are lucky that it does!

Getty Images

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Croc Boots and a Shearling Jacket

Doing a little window shopping the other day at LK Bennett. 
I have been eyeing shoes like this for the last year.
I would be happy with any of them but the same 
question always comes to mind...where would I wear them?

Still, they are pretty and I think it would feel wonderful to own a pair or two.
How would you wear them?
With a skirt or pants?
I can never decide.

Hazel Clutch Bag
Wilda Shoe Boot (left)
Cancan Boot (right)

Noho Shoe Boot

While we are at it, I am doing a little coveting of this jacket too
and wouldn't mind a matching hat. Now, this I could find
lots of places to wear...even with jeans :)

Shear Shearling Jacket 

images via L.K. Bennett and me

Sharon Stone and 'the white shirt'

My hat will always go off to Sharon Stone and her attempts to do her own things all those Oscar nights ago. Thank you to those of you who commented on my 'In my Closet' post. I am loving all the suggestions and I can see we are all on the same page and most likely of the same age. 

The mention of Sharon in her famous white Gap shirt had me running to Google search.
How could I have forgotten the flurry of comments around that ensemble?
Here she is...in 1998 with her Gap men's shirt and a lavender Vera Wang skirt.

By that point she was no stranger to the Gap theme.
In 1996 Sharon paired Armani and Valentino with a Gap mock turtleneck.

Oscar dresses come and go but there is something about her classic outfits that is beautifully enduring. Both would look just as lovely today as they did back then...of course, diamonds help too!

 Sharon being Sharon, still looks great all these years later.
Here she is at the 2009 Oscars...with her diamonds.

images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


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